Franking Machine Free Offer **Free 30 day trial** 

Pitney Bowes is making a franking machine free offer on Personal Post™ their brand new mail franking machine for small businesses looking for a good budget postage meter. The Personal Post™ is a small and lightweight franking machine that can easily sit on your office desktop. Integrated within the machine is a digital scale that means it is easy to calculate the exact postage for all types of mail such as letters and parcels. It is worth considering the franking machine free offer by Pitney Bowes because you will be able to use the Personal Post’s easy-to-use keypad guide that will simplify the postage printing process.

Don't forget - you can save up to 11% of your mail costs by switching to franking. From 21st August 2006 franking machine users have been able to get at least a 2p discount on every 1st and 2nd class letter:

2p saving for First Class Letters
3p saving for Second Class Letters
6p saving for First Class Large Letters and 5p for Second Class Large Letters up to 100g
26p saving for First Class Packets 251g – 500g and 22p saving if sent Second Class. 

With the franking machine free offer by Pitney Bowes Franking mail franking machine you benefit because:
  • No more time consuming trips out of the office to buy stamps – order your postage by phone in just under a minute.
  • Use the exact postage every time – no more over stamping to ‘ensure it gets there’
  • Promote your business – put your logo or company name on every letter you send.
  • Mail standard letters, packages and even recorded and special delivery.

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